Designed for privacy
Your digital identity, made easier and safer.
Integrate with sgID in minutes
Sign in privately to apps and websites
Sign in with sgID
1 When creating new accounts in apps or websites, click Sign in with sgID
2 Choose only the details you wish to share with third party app (sgID does not store your data)
3 You are now signed up with your verified identity safely

No storing your data.
sgID employs a zero knowledge protocol, and does not store any of your data that passes through our servers. Even in the case of a data breach, your data will never be compromised. It remains safely in your phone, in your control.
Harder to track.
Your NRIC number is used all the time to verify yourself, but providing it to so many third parties makes you vulnerable. sgID creates a unique identifier for every business you authenticate with. This makes it harder to track you activity across businesses.
Choose what you share.
Instead of sharing your identity wholesale with your physical NRIC, sgID enables you to choose only information you wish to share with businesses. You remain in control of your data, as any unnecessary information can be deselected.
Keep track of your history.
The average person could share their NRIC at least once a month - visitor registrations, lucky draw sign ups, identity verification, etc. Stay in control of your data, and keep track of when and with whom you shared your information.
Stay in control of your personal information.

Government-verified info.
With users’ permissions, personal information is retrieved from MyInfo and authenticated with SingPass, so businesses can be assured the data they receive is authentic and up to date.
Privacy by design.
sgID was built with privacy in mind, designed to enable users to stay in control of their personal data. sgID employs end to end encryption, and does not store any user data, including NRICs.
Onboard in minutes.
Create an application in our developer portal in minutes. You can then use the supplied credentials to start integrating the sgID button into your app or website so users can sign in to your service right away.
Be compliant with PDPA.
The PDPA requires businesses to be compliant with clauses by 1 September 2019, surrounding consent obligation, purpose limitation obligation, and notification obligation, all of which are built into our solution, sgID.
Onboard in minutes.